Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here's another hidden gem on Netflix.

Fellas, if your lady-friend is bugging you to see a romantic comedy, I would suggest TiMER.

I'm gonna have a hard time explaining this one, it's better just watched, and you should just trust me. But if you really need a small discription: It's a very slightly alternate future/present day where a company, TiMER, has created a device that will tell the user the exact day and time they will meet their soul mate. But it will only start counting down if that special someone also has a TiMER. Sadly, Oona's TiMER has not yet started to count down, and she's getting anxious and frustrated in her search for love.

I know that may sound a bit too "romantic" for some people's taste, but there is more than enough comedy to satisfy even the most anti-chick-flick kinda viewer. It's the kind of awkward situation funny that's not so awkward that you'd want to stop watching. Think Arrested Development meets Friends.

Like I said, it's a very tough film to describe (I really don't like to spoil movies and such). If you're looking for a movie to watch with your special someone, or even just a break from the big name movies out there, give TiMER a shot.


  1. Please keep up with netflix informant blogs!

  2. I'll keep an eye out. If you suggest it it has to be so.

  3. Okay, last night I pulled it up on Netflix.

    Absolutely phenomenal. The acting was superb, but it was more the fact that I did -not- know how to feel about it.

    Sometimes I was thinking i'd be happy to know, and other times I wouldn't for us to have anything remotely like that, on the chance that I meet someone I like who is crazy about it.

    Made me think, re-think, and think some more. In a good way though.

    Nice referral.

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  5. Good call, sorry about removing the other post. I'm probably going to check this out.

  6. Will make a mental note that this movie exists. Interesting review.

  7. I'll keep this in mind for next date night.

  8. thats actually a pretty cool concept, might consider watching hahh