Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here's another hidden gem on Netflix.

Fellas, if your lady-friend is bugging you to see a romantic comedy, I would suggest TiMER.

I'm gonna have a hard time explaining this one, it's better just watched, and you should just trust me. But if you really need a small discription: It's a very slightly alternate future/present day where a company, TiMER, has created a device that will tell the user the exact day and time they will meet their soul mate. But it will only start counting down if that special someone also has a TiMER. Sadly, Oona's TiMER has not yet started to count down, and she's getting anxious and frustrated in her search for love.

I know that may sound a bit too "romantic" for some people's taste, but there is more than enough comedy to satisfy even the most anti-chick-flick kinda viewer. It's the kind of awkward situation funny that's not so awkward that you'd want to stop watching. Think Arrested Development meets Friends.

Like I said, it's a very tough film to describe (I really don't like to spoil movies and such). If you're looking for a movie to watch with your special someone, or even just a break from the big name movies out there, give TiMER a shot.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rocko on Netflix

This is a small update. I knew that Rocko's Modern Life Season 1 was on Netflix to stream. But I got bored this morning and decided to check it again... low and behold, Season 2.

I don't really care what anybody says. I may be 21 years old, but watching the cartoons I grew up with gives me such an incredibly good feeling. Oh, and in case you wanted to know, Angry Beavers Seasons 1 & 2 are on Netflix also. I'm off to watch more Rocko and relive my childhood... BYE!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm still betting on Duke

I don't care what anybody says. I am still betting on Duke.

So here's a quick history of me and Nukem; I grew up playing violent video games. I was introduced to Doom when it came out in 1993 (I was 4 years old). So when more violent video games come out, I'm there. Was introduced to Duke Nukem by my dad, but of course the family filter was turned on. Eventually I figured out the filter password and was introduced the even more violent, sexual, and vulgar side of the game. At first I was taken back, thinking "I should not be experiencing this, for I am but a wee child." But it came to a point where I realized they weren't doing all this to make it seem realistic; the game was set up in ridiculously vulgar ways for the fun of it. Yes, I figured that out when I was like 7. Bite me.

So through the years after, I see things about duke here and there in video game magazines and such. "Duke Nukem Forever is coming" "Be the next Duke Nukem" and all that other crap. Of course, I've got ADD, so while I was excited, it quickly passed. I watched as a few Duke "games" were released intermittently for consoles, but it wasn't the masterpiece that 3DRealms was promising. 

After a while, it just kinda drifted into obscurity. Though there was a teaser trailer in 2001, it was just kinda whatever. It wasn't until December, 2007 that Duke Fever hit me really hard again. The release of a new teaser trailer, along with reports that the game was in high gear, and wouldn't be "too much" longer ("too much" being a year or 2, but it was almost for certain Duke would finally see the light of day)

Then it stopped when 3D Realms got the boot. I'm not gonna get into that argument, but either way you look at it, it was a sad day.

I get a text one morning, telling me to go to a website. "it's 8 in the morning. why" I ask "GEARBOX IS PICKING UP DUKE" I get receive back. Sure enough, online there's a broadcast of somebody of a whole line of people waiting to see the new duke reveal. Once I got to see what was on display, needless to say I nearly pissed myself.

They've come so far in their production, as well as given an ACTUAL release date for the game (which is something that couldn't be said about the game any other time in it's production) so believe me when I say that this delay doesn't bother me at all. Hell I've only just heard about the Balls of Steel special edition package! I WANT IT SO BAD

Always bet on Duke.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mortal Kombat

I've never been a huge fan of fighting games. Sure, pop in Street Fighter, Soul Caliber or any other popular game and I'll play with you. I'll lose badly (or get really lucky with my button mashing) and I won't mind, but I've never been driven to get better, other than learn "the fire ball thingie" and spam down. Yes, spam down; that way the character will rapidly crouch for no reason, which is extremely funny.

Growing up however, one game has always, ALWAYS caught my attention. The gruesome, violent, and wildly uncalled for Mortal Kombat.

I don't know if it's just the ultra-violence that catches my attention... like I said, I've never been a huge fan of fighting games. Maybe it was the crazy Fatalities, the extra bit at the end of the match that somehow feels so powerful and exciting, the last chance in the match to add insult to injury. Even being on the receiving side of bloody finisher is so overwhelming in the best way.

I remember being but a wee lad in Wal-Mart, and seeing the game for the first time. I don't remember much, but I remember it was my first chance playing a fighting game. I honestly can't remember if the bloody violence was still on or turned off or anything, but there was something charming about the characters. Having realistic people, as opposed to cartoon characters, seemed to leave an impression on me. I wanted to play more. Plus, an icy ninja? Super cool.

So throughout the years, whenever I'd get a chance, I'd play Mortal Kombat. Growing up, my main source of playtime were the rare occasions the family went to Cici's Pizza, where they had UMK3. I'd pretty much always pic Sub Zero. Still don't entirely know why he stuck in  my mind so much, but I really love the little guy.

More recently my friends have gotten me to try the newer fighers like Street Fighter 4 and BlazBlue (I will always read that title as "blahhzzblue") but I cannot bring myself to be partial to them. One thing I don't like (and this is super minor, but it's something I just don't like) is the "press back to block" thing. I expect pressing backward to move me backward. I enjoy having block as a separate button. I digress... Besides that minor problem, I they just don't have the same kind of charm as Mortal Kombat. Maybe it's because MK doesn't try to take itself as seriously as the other fighters. What I mean is, it's a game based off of the fact you can punch somebody's head off or knock them into a pit of spikes. With SF4 and BB, you have to really be into fighting games and take time to learn everything about the game to enjoy it. With MK, you can learn to be really good if you want, but even completely inexperienced players will have fun mashing the buttons and watching red ooze from their opponents face... or their own.

Anyways, to the point: when I found out a new MK was coming out, one akin to the older titles, I was ecstatic. I mean, I did enjoy Deception and Armageddon (never really played Deadly Alliance) but were truly different games compared to their roots.

Playing the demo for the game was everything I'd hoped for. The fighting is gruesome; bits of flesh are periodically torn from the fighters body as the fight rages on. The fatalities are more violent and bloody as ever; Subby freezes his opponents lower half to walk over and rip off the top half, with bits of intestine hanging while bits of frozen spine protrude up from the motionless lower half. Johnny Cage doesn't just punch peoples heads off; he punches them off, rips the torso off of the legs, slams the torso down so the head pops up, and simply catches the head to hold out in front of him, smiling while dripping in the blood of his opponent.

So yes. I am excited about the new Mortal Kombat. Hell, I might even try to get good at this one.